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Online Enrolment System

Online Enrolment is a web based system which will allow parents to submit an application to enrol a child in a local intake area in a NSW Government School. The online form is accessed from the enrolment page on the school's website.

The information, once completed by the parent will be submitted to the school through the Online Enrolment School Interface. School Administrative Support Staff are then able to review and edit the enrolment application submitted by the parent/carer and send to the Enrolment and Registration Number (ERN) system.

The following information is intended for use by schools currently on-boarded to Online Enrolment.

The application has two components:

  • Parent Interface (PI)
    Allows parents/carers to submit an online Application to Enrol in a NSW Government School
  • School Interface (SI)
    School Administration Support Staff are able to review, manage and edit an enrolment application with reduced data entry before submitting to ERN and completing the student's enrolment.
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