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You can find information on performing common tasks using ERN in the Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) listed below.

For technical support log an online query with EdConnect.

For training opportunities, please contact the PLNTS team.

Application to enrol

Registration QRG

Maintain EAL/D

A new menu option called Maintain EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) is available from the ERN School Enrolment Menu. Review Maintain EAL/D page.

Place management QRGs registration offers

Student group offers

Staff maintenance

Student enquiry (and managing your existing students) QRGs

Reporting QRGs

My report QRGs

My school QRGs

Year 6- 7 transition procedures

The Year 6-7 transition process from primary school to secondary school is supported by the ERN Year 6-7 tracking sheet. This tracking sheet allows schools to monitor the progress of students as they are enrolled into secondary school. The tracking sheet is supported by a range of detailed QRGs for both primary schools and secondary schools. Find out more (PDF 129.72KB)

Collegiate transition procedures

New functionality for Colleges to streamline the transition process of students from the Junior Campuses to the Senior Campus in the College.

Student retention

A release of ERN to schools in 2008 included a student leavers section which could record a student' s intended destination and reasons for leaving that school.Find out more  

Family merge

QRG for welfare and audit users

Temporary residents and visas

Leaver procedures

Access request procedures

SCAS procedures

AEDI procedures

Legal Bulletin

General QRGs


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